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Due to their striking genomic similarity to humans, regenerative abilities, and shortened life cycle, zebrafish have become an ideal tool for studying developmental processes, gene expression, and underlying mechanisms of cancer and other diseases. Anti arlb antibody products anti arlb antibodies are offered by a number of suppliers. Zhiyuan gong and his colleagues at the national university of singapore were working with a gene that encodes the green fluorescent protein gfp, originally extracted from a jellyfish, that naturally produced. Gfp expression while cilia structural mutations resulting in shortened cilia are detectable by antibody staining as described above, the ability to specifically detect cilia paralysis or normal immotile cilia in vivo can be difficult as this requires live imaging of nonmoving axonemes. Select applications, conjugates, hosts, and reactivity. Antifish antibody products listed below are antifish antibodies from multiple suppliers. Primary antibodies used were arlb protein tech, 177111ap. A function for the joubert syndrome protein arlb in ciliary. Zebrafish ab9 cells are a primary fibroblast cell line developed from fin tissue of the ab strain.

Feb 07, 2008 these fish reliably develop highly aggressive melanoma in 412 months. Gfptagged murine arlb under the strong ubiquitous bactin2 promoter. This antibody also detected two nonspecific bands of lower molecular weight fig. C, zebrafish heterozygous for scohi459, a null allele of the zebrafish. Zebrafish may prove to be one of the best vertebrate models for innate immunology. Lysis of the frozen adult fish with 700 l np40 buffer including protease inhibitor using a tissue lyser ii and a metal bead for 2 times, 2 min, 25 hz. Antibodies, primary antibodies, zfish zebrafish, alphabetical listing of zebrafish antibodies.

Palmitoylation of the ciliary gtpase arlb is necessary for its. A tumor from an adult fish was disaggregated into a single cell suspension and 200,000 cells were transplanted either into the ventral peritoneum ip or via intraventricular ic injection into an irradiated casper recipient. Fusion protein amino acids 208427 cterminus of mouse arlb also known as adpribosylation factorlike protein b, adpribosylation factorlike protein 2like 1, arl2like protein 1 and arl2l1, accession number q640n2 rat. The hybridomas are stored at the monoclonal antibody facility of the uo under the supervision of dr.

Involved in cilium assembly and photoreceptor cell outer segment organization. This antibody detects two specific bands at 60 kda and 48 kda. Increased support for mutants and transgenics article pdf available in nucleic acids research 41d1 october 2012 with 9 reads how we measure. The zebra fish is another in vivo animal model commonly used to study renal pathogenesis. Arlb hnn mutant mouse embryos display shortened cilia and an ultrastructural defect, whereby the btubule of the microtubulebased outer doublets does not connect to the atubule caspary et al. A expression patterns of arla top row and arlb bottom row from 1cell stage to 21 somite stage ss using antisense rna probes.

It measures three centimeters long and has gold and dark blue stripes. Developmental expression of the zebrafish arflike small. Characterization of rag 1 mutant zebrafish leukocytes bmc. They proposed that pc1 undergoes proteolytic cleavage whereby the cytoplasmic tail undergoes nuclear translocation. Purified antiarginase 1 antibody antiarginase 1 o94e6arg1. This antibody reacts with human,mouse,rat, dog samples. Cilia localization is essential for in vivo functions of the joubert. The arlb sco coding sequence was amplified via pcr from a zebrafish cdna. Great approach to learning antibody identification, especially for those new to the art. It would be great to see a sequel with autoantibodies and more difficult case studies. Mutations in the cilia gene arlb lead to the classical form of. Orthologous to human arlb adp ribosylation factor like gtpase b.

Find and compare multiple sources of anti antibody using the linscotts directory search engine. Moreover, arlb colocalized with markers of the endocytic recycling pathway followed by cd1a, namely arf6 and rab22a. In reciprocal experiments, protein extracts were immunoprecipitated with antibodies against arlb and immunoblotted with antivangl2 antibodies. Zebrafish antibodies primary antibodies sigmaaldrich. I n immunofluorescence with arlb antibody red highlighting cilia and with gammatubulin antibody green highlighting basal bodies in 24 h. Arlb regulates ciliogenesis and the dynamic localization of shh signaling proteins christine e.

Zebrafish danio rerio, a minnowlike freshwater fish, has emerged as a popular animal model for research and development. The specificity of the arlb antibody was confirmed by immunoprecipitating extracts with the arlb antibody and immunoblotting with the same antibody fig. Our search engine provides a simple way for researchers to find antibodies and other reagents that work, while our high quality life science market data and reagent product citations are used commercially by many of the worlds leading reagent suppliers and investment companies. Arlb antibody rabbit polyclonal from proteintech validated in western blot wb. Kinocilia on both ohcs marked with an antibody to acetylated tubulin, express arlb mcherrygeco1.

In december 2005, a cancer research team headed by keith cheng at. If result of arlb antibody 177111ap in htertrpe cell fixed with 4% pfa or methanol. Ciliary axonemes were labeled with antiacetylated tubulin antibodies red and arlb was. This target gene encodes the protein adp ribosylation factor like gtpase b in humans and may also be known as arl2l1, jbts8, adpribosylation factorlike protein b, and adpribosylation factorlike b. Arlb antibody rabbit polyclonal from proteintech validated in western blot wb, immunoprecipitation ip, immunohistochemistry ihc, immunofluorescence if, enzymelinked immunosorbent assay elisa applications.

For live imaging of zebrafish cilia, there is a gfptagged arlb that works well. Arlb is predicted to be a 48 kda protein, and the 60 kda band is likely to represent a modified form of arlb. The encoded protein is a small gtpase that contains both nterminal and cterminal guanine nucleotidebinding motifs. Neither antibody showed reactivity with the cilia in the hennin mutant data not shown. This gene encodes a member of the adpribosylation factorlike family. The arlbmcherry transgene was designed with a murine adpribosylation factorlike b arlb cdna fused inframe upstream of a monomeric red fluorescent protein, mcherry, and driven by the pcaggs promoter which contains a chicken. Developmental expression of zebrafish arla and arlb from 1cell to 5 dpf by in situ hybridization. Monoclonal, polyclonal, and recombinant antibodies. Arlb encodes the human gene, adp ribosylation factor like gtpase b. Zebrafish models for ciliopathies scoarlb, ift88 and ift57 mutants 811.

The original zebrafish or zebra danio, danio rerio is a native of rivers in india and bangladesh. Fish is a reported alias name for the human gene sh3pxd2a, or sh3 and px domains 2a. Primary cilia are not calciumresponsive mechanosensors. Arlb function was demonstrated previously in zebrafish 15. These fish have sophisticated immune components, yet rely heavily on innate immune mechanisms. Kahnc, and tamara casparya adepartment of human genetics, school of medicine, bgraduate program in biochemistry, cell and developmental. The arlb gene encodes an axonemal protein that controls cilia length, and mutations in this gene lead to dysfunctional cilia pmid. Custom antibody development and commercial partnerships to advance your diagnostic and therapeutic discovery.

Anti fish antibody products listed below are anti fish antibodies from multiple suppliers. Thus, the development and characterization of mutant andor knock out zebrafish are critical to help define immune cell and immune gene functions in the zebrafish model. This protein is localized in the cilia and plays a role in cilia formation and in maintenance of cilia. Moreover, the antibody recognizes the truncated cc2d2a protein generated by the w628x. Apr 04, 2017 citeab is a leading life science data provider that helps researchers and their suppliers make more informed decisions. Arlb antibody 6f11 is a mouse monoclonal igg 2a kappa light chain provided at 100 gml.

Blots were incubated with primary antibody and hrpconjugated secondary. I like the detailed explanations of each step, and the explanation for why a choice is not the best one. Arlb regulates ciliogenesis and the dynamic localization of. Show only zirc antibodies show all results per page the zebrafish information network. This feature is representative of one or more unknown insertion sites. The monoclonal antibodies were generated with balbc mice against adult zebrafish protein, and clones were selected based on the specific staining patterns obtained with particular clones. Online help keyboard shortcuts feed builder whats new. Dec 01, 2011 defects in posttranslational modifications of ciliary tubulin are consistent with defects in the architecture of arlb hnn cilia. Western blot analysis of arlb using 50 g of mouse liver lysate. Arlb appears to be required for the major route of endocytic trafficking, causing clustering of early endosomes and leading to the accumulation of endocytic cargo. Purified antiarginase 1 antibody arg1 arginase 1, is a marker for the m2 antiinflammatory macrophage subset that hydrolyzes larginine into urea and ornithine, and plays an important role in wound healing, antiviral immune responses, and atherosclerosis.

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