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Combine techniques for even more interesting chord progressions. The video is not going to make you the best arranger of our time but it will give you some things you can put to use in a lot of places and if you are only playing the basic changes all the time then starting to work on improvising with the chords could be just the thing you should do to get to a higher level. Remember to stay focus at each level so that you are crystal clear about the reharmonization rules you are applying at each level. Berklee press reharmonization techniques book musicians. Jazz piano reharmonization jazz piano lessons online. But there are nevertheless rules, techniques and ideas which you can employ to create a smooth and jazzy sounding reharmonization of an existing song. May 27, 20 the contrafact stems from a desire to create something new, a creative inclination to take a different approach within an existing framework. Transcriptions and indepth analysis of solos by 15 jazz greats playing jerome kerns classic song hal leonard piano signature songs on free shipping on qualified orders. Now we will consider another resource of reharmonization. If you are just learning about reharmonization chord substituion, you need this book. Reharmonization is the art of modifying the harmonic structure of a song.

Reharmonization techniques kindle edition by felts, randy. Here is a mp3 of me playing these 16 bars with my reharmonization. However, the contrafact is not an exclusively jazz phenomenon, the tradition of taking an existing song and altering it started in the 16th century. Whether you write film scores, direct a band or choir, or play solo piano or guitar, you will find simple and innovative techniques to update songs and develop exciting new.

All the things you are reharmonization albert romanutti. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading reharmonization techniques. Reharmonization techniques online course berklee online. Get ebooks contemporary counterpoint on pdf, epub, tuebl, mobi and audiobook for free. Good karma knowing you re keeping jazzadvice alive. This strategy summarizes itself in a replacement of a chord for another one with the same harmonic function of it. Always update books hourly, if not looking, search in the book search column. It starts simple and every chapter gives you a new tool to work with. You can also opt to hand write scores, scan them, and submit them as pdf files.

For that, musicians work with many concepts, almost all of them we already saw here in the website. The contrafact stems from a desire to create something new, a creative inclination to take a different approach within an existing framework. The melody note on the f7 chord, g, is the ninth of the chord. All the things you are reharmonization albert romanutti alberttti. Ability to print out any lesson as a customizable pdf for your practice room. If you play offertories and preludes or if you accompany, you are normally not locked into using that harmony. Any v7 chord can be replaced with its related flatii7 tri tone sub.

In practice, reharmonize is taking a song which is already done and change its harmony keeping its original melody. When you reharmonize a tune, you give the melody new color by changing its underlying harmonics. Common reharmonization techniques engaging students. All the things you are tutorial jazz piano lessons online. Reharmonizations and substitutions 7th chords and scale harmonization reharmonizing. Such a classic standard with so many lessons in it for us jazz pianists. Reharmonization is the musical equivalent of a new paint job on an old car. All the things you are reharmonization in 5 seconds youtube. Grab a coffee and sit down with your piano and play, rewind and play again and hopefully you will get something to work on with this tutorial. Proper usage and audio pronunciation of the word reharmonization.

Reharmonization techniques are useful in many ways in jazz both in improvising and arranging. Write your own music using a map that reveals the secrets of tonality. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Lesson 4all the things you are, over the rainbow arrangements chapter 26 elements of improvisation, advanced concepts lesson 1approach tones. Lets say that a friend of yours show you a song he did. To reharmonize a song you need to take two things into account. Get reharmonization techniques pdf file for free from our online library pdf file. Reharmonization definition of reharmonization by the free. Reharmonization secrets part 1 taking the harm out of reharm by ted eschliman those who seek harmony the very fact that youre reading this suggests you. All the things you are jazz piano tutorial youtube. If you are learning to composearrangeespc in a jazzpopblues context, this book is a must have. As long as the melody note stays the same you could theoretically substitute any chord you want.

Apr 29, 2011 you can unlock access to all of this premium content, too. This video will take the jazz standard body and soul, analyze the harmony of the a part and go over some of the more subtle but effective things you can do with reharmonizing the chords. That being said here are some basic guidlines for the majority of substitutions you will see. All the things you are bb g7 on the chet baker paci. How to reharmonize a song reharmonization free jazz piano. Im not saying its impossible, nor you shouldnt, nor you cant, nor does a simpler harmonic pallate mean a less valid piece of artistry, nor that pop music is boring, nor any of the things that are easy to put in my mouth when i say something like that. Reharmonization techniques im finding nothing but useless. The first solo piano chorus is based on richie beirachs version from his maybeck hall cd. I think that this exercise demonstrates a point i make over and over which is this.

In this tutorial, i introduce a few jazz piano reharmonization techniques, including using 2 5 1s, mixture and tritone substitutes. Reharmonization techniques add new life to old songs and. Once you apply these 10 levels of reharmonization principle to at least 10 songs, you will become very good at arranging and rearranging songs at the piano by ear. In this video i will go over 5 reharmonizations of a part of all the things you are. There are more than 1 million books that have been enjoyed by people from all over the world. Composer jeff whitmill provides a catalogue of free choral descants for hymns, pdf samples of his original compositions and an invitation to musical ensembles to commission special works from him. The video covers different reharmonization techniques and offers some options for an arrangement of this jazz ballad. Note that you will need to submit scores as pdf files. Reharmonization is my passion and this is my favorite course. The next reharmonization technique of adding more bass notes is applied to the jazz standard polka dots and moonbeams. Jazz reharmonization is a vast and beautiful area in which i continually encounter new insights and surprises. Would i make all these choices in the music i usually do.

Discover the most fundamental chord progression in all of music, the v7 i. Common reharmonization techniques created by garrett michaelsen 1. If you want to follow the chords that im playing you can download a pdf of the lead sheet here. How to substitute chords from the same harmonic function. Hey friends, heres a tutorial i did for all the things you are. Finale 2006 full version or sibelius 4 or higher full version. Reharmonization is one of those things that beginning jazz piano players often find pretty confusing.

Sep 14, 2007 all the things you are reharmonization. Information about reharmonization in the dictionary, synonyms and antonyms. Finale notepad and printmusic are not sufficient for use in the course. Reharmonization such as this transforms old standards into tunes that sound. Plenty of examples show you how it workshow to apply the methods quickly. Reharmonization synonyms, reharmonization antonyms. Oct 17, 2018 learn all functions and cadences in all keys. This intense 4hour experience will give you a huge toolbox filled with things that will take your music to a new level. Substituting chromatic chords within the iii vi ii v i progression for the sake of variety, coloration and creativity, composers or even players substitute chromatic chords chords that have one or more notes not in the key signature of the song. All that statement is asserting is that the allure of complicated harmony is powerful. In some ways reharmonization can be confusing, but just like anything else in jazz, you can use a few formulas to get started and immediately enhance tunes that you re working on. Read online now reharmonization techniques ebook pdf at our library. Chord substitution reharmonization simplifying theory. Simply put, reharms are just a way of spicing things up or adding variety.

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